Winter Wardrobe Part 1: 8 signature pieces to try this winter

Your alarm goes off in the morning. You snooze it. Snooze again. Repeat this until you absolutely have to get up. You now have the minimum amount of time to get ready for the day. Does this sound familiar?

Even now, as you are standing in front of your closet, you are trying to decide whether your best bet would be quitting your job / skipping class / not doing whatever you need to do that day, or braving the cold, but simply wrapping a blanket around your shoulders and telling everyone this is what they’re doing in Milan right now. Get with it, people. Continue reading “Winter Wardrobe Part 1: 8 signature pieces to try this winter”

A week in Cape Town

Trying to live up to the blog’s motto of always procrastinating productively, myself and Ingrid Heydenrych ventured into Cape Town this week with high expectancies of living The Big City Life while doing an internship at NetNuus, an online Afrikaans news platform.

To be fair, “internship” rather involved quietly doing our own work for Die Matie‘s youngest child, an app that posts short news updates throughout the day. Nevertheless, we got to hang out in the Media24 quarters, which is like heaven for us.  Continue reading “A week in Cape Town”

The CFDA Awards 2017

Every year, the international fashion community honors all the best moments in American design at the CFDA Fashion Awards.

We are having our own fashion awards after seeing all the beautiful pieces worn to this event. We’ll call it TBPS Fashion Awards. (If you’re not catching on to that, The Bread Poet Society Fashion Awards are now in full swing and will be held every year, starting today.) Continue reading “The CFDA Awards 2017”

Online Favourites: April

 Please welcome the latest monthly addition to the blog!

Every month, we will compile our favourites at the time. In April, we are focusing on our online favourites, ranging from social media accounts, blogs and online shops.  Continue reading “Online Favourites: April”

Retro Panda

Combining all your interests, your personal style and the name of your favourite animal to create a financially and generally-life-rewarding business – this is the real goal.

Tristyn Lee Biggs, a third-year student from Stellenbosch, founded Retro Panda in 2016 with the help of her boyfriend, Jean, and has been selling vintage clothes through the Facebook-page they created for the business ever since. Continue reading “Retro Panda”

Cape Town: The Real MVP

The coolest kid on the block, the ultimate fashion icon, the model-without-knowing-its-beauty, the struggling artist… Cape Town has become one of my favourite places and I am constantly trying to feed the hunger I have for everything it has to offer (note: not just referring to food). Continue reading “Cape Town: The Real MVP”