How to interpret text messages

Many speak of a simpler the time, a time when text messaging did not exist. From what I have been told and can deduct from early wall encryptions, people use to speak directly to each other. They spent more time trying to reach each other than understanding each other. It seemed like they usually always know exactly what the other person was trying to communicate, except when miscommunication was forced for the sake of comedy.

These days we are left with the mess technology have left us to deal with – text messaging. Communication has gotten faster, but has interpreting it? When texting, there are a lot of factors left for us to interpret, like the particular tone of voice, hand gestures and facial reactions. I thus decided to create this understanding-texting article. Continue reading “How to interpret text messages”

Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

Like it is second nature, the creative director arranges the looks. Garments are assigned to models, designers stress a bit more than usual, art is created and at the front row seat of it all, is us – all of us. To me, fashion is one of the purest forms of art, because as Miranda Priestly rightfully pointed out – fashion affects everybody.  Continue reading “Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear”

#Following Food

No Instagram following is complete without a few food pages to indulge in. After carefully selecting our top, most drool-worthy pages, we hope that these feeds will inspire you to cook, bake, fry and share. Continue reading “#Following Food”

Cape Town Itinerary

Cape Town is like an old friend. Always nice to be around, you wish the time you spent together could be longer and changes every time, just enough to keep things interesting. After a recent exploration of Cape Town this was once again proven true and we thus decided to share our journey with Cape Town for visitors of this old friend. In this itinerary I am, against all my impulses, not give too much added details. The aim is that one would use it and make it their own, use it as a guideline and invitation to do some exploring of your own.

Continue reading “Cape Town Itinerary”