Welcome to Bread Poet Society (At last.)

We have been planning and procrastinating and dreaming about the creation of this blog for longer than we would like to admit.


We are Carla and Elodi and we like to think of ourselves as not completely lacking of creativity and imagination. We have known each other for a few years and became friends through our mutual interest in hot beverages, cats, Friends and pointless Buzzfeed-quizzes.

We are both studying full-time in Stellenbosch, South Africa. We decided to create this space to share our stories and photos and strong opinions about important topics such as having still not received our Hogwarts-letters (seriously, McGonagall, get with it).

This is Carla.

I am mostly in charge of the technical aspects.I Study Plant Sciences (no I am not becoming a gardener ). I am a proud Ravenclaw-student. My favorite movies include Singing in the rain, Ferris Bueller’s Day off and 500 Days of Summer (deciding what movies to include was probably the hardest decision I had to make ). Buy flowers for myself. Wishing we still had the same style as in the 1920’s. Addicted to tea and  future plans include cats and London.

This is Elodi.img_5859

I am mostly in charge of writing. I study BA Language & Culture and I am trying my best to become French. I am problematically short. I tend to lose things and I sometimes morph into Hagrid when my hair is brushed. My spirit animal is Ron Swanson and I still think about that embarrassing thing that happened in 2004. I screenshot too many memes of cats. Always late. Once cried about an episode of Grey’s Anatomy for two days. Have some mixed feelings about birds. Thrive on free wifi. Either forget about dinner or eat seven meals in one day. There is no in between.

Disclaimer: We don’t have a plan. For any of this. The content of this blog is subject to the emotional stability of the creators at the time due to stress caused by too much adulting.