Winter Wardrobe Part 1: 8 signature pieces to try this winter

Your alarm goes off in the morning. You snooze it. Snooze again. Repeat this until you absolutely have to get up. You now have the minimum amount of time to get ready for the day. Does this sound familiar?

Even now, as you are standing in front of your closet, you are trying to decide whether your best bet would be quitting your job / skipping class / not doing whatever you need to do that day, or braving the cold, but simply wrapping a blanket around your shoulders and telling everyone this is what they’re doing in Milan right now. Get with it, people.

Let’s be honest: during the winter, our motivation for putting in effort to look good lowers with approximately 400%. But don’t worry, we got you.

The “third-piece rule” states that a stylish outfit always consists of three pieces, usually excluding shoes. The first two pieces are the tops and bottoms, while the third piece is a signature element to add something interesting to your outfit. This can be a jacket, sweater or statement accessory.

But for winter’s purposes, it can be anything that creates the illusion that you went through extensive trouble and planning to get ready that morning, while in reality, you’re just a regular hibernating ice bear underneath your perfectly assembled outfit.

Here are some of our favourite trends this winter that will help you slay in your sleigh.

1. Embroidered jeans

This trend has been making one huge comeback this year and we are loving it. I have a personal theory that embroidery have some magical powers, bewitching anyone who looks at it for too long. This is the only explanation for how people seemingly ignore the rest of your outfit when you are wearing anything that involves embroidery. While embroidered jeans are perfect for casual winter looks, it can also be dressed up with heels (see below for velvet boots and fishnet stocking). And it doesn’t stop there! Embroider your denim jackets. Embroider your shoes. Embroider your handbags. Embroider your children.

  1. Superbalist
  2. Spree
  3. Mr Price

2. Puffer jacket

You may not fall in love with this jacket simply by looking at it. But rest assured: once you have been so blessed as to become one with this fashionable sleeping bag, you will change your will and leave all your belongings to this sweet piece of a winter life saver. You can get creative with this jacket. Either get it in a neutral colour such as black or navy in order to go with as much as possible, or go colourful to add something interesting to your wardrobe.

  1. Superbalist
  2. Skoonma Clothing
  3. Mr Price

3. Velvet boots

Boots, needless to say, are absolutely essential for winter. Combine this with the velvet-trend that is currently wearing the crown in the fashion kingdom, and you have yourself a gorgeous pair of shoes. Right now, velvet is everywhere. Tops, tights, skirts, you name it. Nothing bad can happen to you while wearing velvet. This is actual science. While you can never go wrong with a pair of black boots, these ones look particularly great in warm colours such as burgundy and navy.

  1. The Fix
  2. Spree
  3. Mr Price

4. Attached chokers

There are some mixed feelings about the Return of the Choker. But something interesting making its way into shops lately, is the choker attached to dresses, tops and bodysuits. This definitely adds an unique edge. It’s incredible what big of a difference such a small piece of fabric can make. This is the type of thing that Arthur Weasley would be fascinated by.

  1. Superbalist
  2. Spree
  3. Mr Price

5. Mesh and lace overlay

This one may be a little tricky to style during the winter. Skirts or dresses can be worn over trousers or stockings as shown in the first picture below. For a more formal occasion, a dress overlay can be worn over another dress in a matching colour. Mesh tops pair beautifully with lacy bralettes. Perhaps this sneaky combo can be saved for days when it’s not too cold.

  1. Spree
  2. Oh So Retro
  3. Mr Price

6. Mustard yellow

The signature Matthew-Mole-Mustard is one of my personal favourites. This colour is incredibly striking and immediately brightens up a gloomy winter’s day. Yellow bottoms, such as the skirt below, give life to all-black outfits while other items, such as the jacket and sweater, pair nicely with different shades of blue denim. This mustardy yellow is bound to cheer anyone up.

  1. Superbalist
  2. Spree
  3. Mr Price

7. Frills

Frills are one of nature’s shortcuts to making any piece of clothing more intricately striking. It adds a feminine, almost schoolgirl-inspired touch. Again, this is something that can be saved for the days when it is a bit warmer and wearing a jacket all day is not necessary. In my opinion, details such as these frills provide a sense of professionalism, making it perfect for occasions when you want to look like a fine, independant woman who don’t need no summer.

  1. The Fix
  2. Mr Price
  3. Superbalist

8. Stockings/socks

There has been quite some craze around fishnet stockings as of late and to be honest, I wasn’t completely sold. Yes, it looks damn fine when sneakily peeking out at the ankles or between the waist and a crop top and I truly respect and applaud the girls rocking them in my Instagram explore. But I kept wondering how uncomfortable they must be… wearing stockings underneath your jeans? I am not strong enough. Which is why these cheat-stockings are perfect for someone as lazy (and shamefully fashion-undedicated) as me. They may not be as warm as regular socks, but that’s only because they are so cool. You can’t have everything.

  1. Oh So Retro
  2. Oh So Retro
  3. Oh So Retro

This is the first in a series of winter fashion articles. Next time, we will be talking about some basics for your winter wardrobe and how they can be combined with the pieces discussed above to stay stylishly hot despite the cold.




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