A week in Cape Town

Trying to live up to the blog’s motto of always procrastinating productively, myself and Ingrid Heydenrych ventured into Cape Town this week with high expectancies of living The Big City Life while doing an internship at NetNuus, an online Afrikaans news platform.

To be fair, “internship” rather involved quietly doing our own work for Die Matie‘s youngest child, an app that posts short news updates throughout the day. Nevertheless, we got to hang out in the Media24 quarters, which is like heaven for us. 

This week left us more sure than ever of our future in media and determined to do whatever it takes to get back in that beautiful building. It’s SO exciting to be this excited about the future.

Apart from our many mirror selfies, banana loaf breakfasts and the daily daunting question of what we will be having for dinner, we got to learn so much, even if it was just by eavesdropping absorbing office conversations and making the most of being surrounded with the superheroes of South African media.

To the barista who remembered our “usual” and gave us jam when we only asked for butter, may you be blessed. We’ll see you soon. To Helen Zille, please tweet me back. I’m trying my best over here. And to the security guard who somehow still didn’t recognise us by the end of the week: we will come back for you until we reach the level of friendship where we have nicknames for each other.

Cape Town, we’ll be back for you.




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