The Overlay

Dior showcased it in her ss 2017 collection and I fell head over heals for it. She was not the first to showcase it, but was praised for her innovative pieces. She brings an artistic flare to it and has been worn on the red carpet by celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence. Valentino also incorporated the style in his resort 2017 collection. The style is not completely new to us , but for the first time it has evolved into a ready to wear trend. Taking on the form of the overlay dress.

Unfortunately we don’t all have loose change for a Dior gown, but here is a few styles that will inspire you to go mesh. The trend is very diverse and can be styled according to anyone’s preferences.

Create Contrast – transform a casual Jean and T-shirt outfit with this one key piece.

Another trend for this winter that can be incorporated is embroidery. Embroidery can elevate the dress and give it softer edges. 5584033800_1_1_17521052800_2_5_1

Wear it as formal attire. This is a beautiful type dress to wear to any formal event, because it can be customised completely, be elegant and wear a silk slip underneath or be daring and only wear a body suit.


Different styles will make for different looks, but it is important to start with a good base. These plain cut styles are perfect for building an outfit on.




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