Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear

Like it is second nature, the creative director arranges the looks. Garments are assigned to models, designers stress a bit more than usual, art is created and at the front row seat of it all, is us – all of us. To me, fashion is one of the purest forms of art, because as Miranda Priestly rightfully pointed out – fashion affects everybody. 

Here is a brief overview of my favorite looks thus far.


Burberry’s collection made me want to move to the countryside for a weekend. The Thick Knits and neutral color palette were refreshing. Lace work played a prominent role, which gave the pieces a more feminine touch.

Elie Saab

What I love about this collection, is the fact that rock and roll is so well combined with the elegance associated with Elie Saab.

Miu Miu

Playful and luxurious. Experience a colorful range transporting you back to the 1950’s. With wool skirts and thick coats, what is not to love about this?


The collection has simple pieces inspired by the 50’s era and classic movies. Simple, classic pieces with a moschino feel. Some of my favorite aspects, is the use of color and the classic textured coat.


Confirming a suspected trend, Givenchy has outdone themselves. They managed to create a full, original and artistically stimulating collection with a single color. Definitely one of my favorite collections thus far.


Marchesa never fails to impress. This collection displays beautiful gowns with amazing attention to detail. It has variety, but is still coherent and the lower necklines are used brilliantly (Georgina Chapman or Keren Craig: if you are reading this, please send me one).

No. 6

Boho, sixties and mustard. The puff sleeves and the stunning shoes are enough to make me poor.


Electric. Art. Layers. The collection shows wispy layers combined with edgy, clean lines.


This futuristic collection is made up out of classic Chanel pieces like the wool jacket. Karl impressed with an amazingly designed show that displayed the general theme and pieces artfully.



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