Schoon de Companje/De Oude Bank Bakkerij

Such a pity that we are writing this blog in English, because there are so many Afrikaans puns just waiting to happen about Schoon de Companje.

Initially named “Oude Bank Bakkerij”, this restaurant is situated on the corner of Bird and Church Street in Stellenbosch and is widely known for its artisanal baked goods, ice cream, wine and coffee. The restaurant was renamed to “Schoon” after the owners, Fritz and Chanelle Schoon.

Although it has been acting as one of our many safe spaces for quite some time now, we finally decided to do a Bean There about them after receiving word that their team will be taking a break and that the restaurant will thus be rebranded.

So here we are (voordat ons Schoon vergeet om iets oor hulle te skryf).

Firstly, I have always thought of Schoon as a home rather than a shop. It has everything I look for: the dark wooden counters, creaking staircase, the ever present smell of freshly baked bread and the strong flavors of dark roasted coffee (in addition to the impressively good wifi-connection).

For the past year (and a few months) I have walked past Schoon at least twice a day, as it is on my way to class. And believe me when I say that it is a daily struggle to keep my eyes straight ahead and not to skip class to rather sit there all day. But I take pride in how strong I have been with regards to this.

One Saturday afternoon, when most coffee shops in Stellenbosch have laid their heads to rest for the weekend, we made our way to Schoon, because we knew that we could count on them to provide us with wifi and caffeine.

Their iced coffee gave us new life (dit het ons voete Schoon onder ons uitgeslaan) and we decided that it was time. We immediately started taking pictures and making notes, but as I am typing this, I have decided that instead of writing a detailed, Hardvard-referenced essay about this restaurant, I am rather just going to leave these photos here. Take the aura in. Become one with the bread.

Thank you to Schoon for blessing us all these years. May you continue to do so wherever you go next (julle sal nooit regtig Schoonveld weg wees vir ons nie).



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