#Following Food

No Instagram following is complete without a few food pages to indulge in. After carefully selecting our top, most drool-worthy pages, we hope that these feeds will inspire you to cook, bake, fry and share.

 Jason Bakery.


With a lovely bakery in Bree street, who wouldn’t have an Instagram feed as beautiful as theirs? They will provide you with a variety of pastries, from Valentine’s Day macarons to roast chicken pie. A must follow for locals who have any bread kneads.


The Polka dotter 


A home baker and photographer – what better combination ? Expect to try and eat your phone when you scroll through the selection of pastel cakes and sweet treats. With exciting ideas such as coconut, raspberry and lemon curd cake, you will be left inspired. All the food featured can be found on her blog, if you would be interested in the recipes.




With a variety of good looking, fresh, vibrant food, this feed is is bound to make you hungry. As baby sibling of the popular Feedfeed blog, it is still growing and surely worth the follow. Expect to see food made with fresh fruits and other in season products.


Lion Heart


With an online shop that makes you feel like a kid in a candy store again, this feed will feed your inner cake lover.This pâtisserie studio located in Woodstock, Cape Town, makes everything from custom cakes to traditional French confections. This one is for every “sweet human”.


Talking Food


Technically not a food page, but funny enough to appreciate if you are a food lover. For those of us that want to find our food funny this is a real treat. Enjoy food-based puns that are so forced, you can’t help but laugh.


Drizzle and Drip


With two cookbooks behind her name, this food stylist, recipe developer and food photographer is ‘hunting down the delicious things in life’. On her feed, you will see a mixture of classic South African recipes and a few updated new ones. This Cape Town blogger also uploads all the recipes on her blog.


Bibbys Kitchen


A Johannesburg-based food blogger that describes her food as ‘South African favourites with a modern twist’, offers something for everyone. Using vibrant ingredients, the feed will make you long for a summer picnic. She shares her recipes on her blog and also hosts cooking classes.


Twigg Studios


This blogger, Friends-fan, and chocolate obsessed baker is a true representation of the future of Indian cooking. Using and improving and dishing up classic Indian recipes, is a true talent of hers.With her contrasting use of rich colors, this feed will make you want to buy a plane ticket to one of her workshops right away.




This 20 Year old Political Science-student started  blogging in 2004, won the Outlook Social Media award in 2016 and got featured in Vogue’s list of “20 Under 26” in 2017. His recipes are fresh and never fails to make you hungry.



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