Cape Town Itinerary

Cape Town is like an old friend. Always nice to be around, you wish the time you spent together could be longer and changes every time, just enough to keep things interesting. After a recent exploration of Cape Town this was once again proven true and we thus decided to share our journey with Cape Town for visitors of this old friend. In this itinerary I am, against all my impulses, not give too much added details. The aim is that one would use it and make it their own, use it as a guideline and invitation to do some exploring of your own.

12:00     Arrive at Park in Canterbury Square

Find Murals.

Explore Woodstock

Charly’s Bakery

NY Bagels

Truth Coffee

14:00     District 6 Museum

16:00     Roam aesthetically pleasing streets

Visit the Book Lounge

Drive to Honest Chocolate

`               Drive around in the Boo-Kaap


18:00     Visit the Botanical Gardens for a swing

Day 2

11:00     Park Near St’ Georges Mall and walk everywhere. Explore Long Street and St’                            Georges Mall

13:00     Buy Street food from the Market

Picnic in the Botanical Gardens

Visit the National Art Gallery

17:00     Get a drink at Motherland Coffee Works


18:30     Drive to Manhattan and get Cocktails

20:00     Park in Canterbury Street and watch a Show at the Fugard


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