Cooking Tips

With Christmas coming up, there is one thing we can all relate to: the tradition of overeating. But before that, cooking must happen – and here are some tips, proved to help you cook.

1. Music

Listen to french music, specifically Edith Piaf. It has been Scientifically proven – you cook better while listening to her.

2. Wine

If a recipe demands wine, it is a universal truth that you should drink it while cooking – and don’t feel guilty to add more than needed (to yourself and the food). You score added bonus points if you add the wine to the pot from the glass you were drinking.


3. Watch out for the sugar

It is not just Tim Noakes preaching, when cooking with a lot of sugar, the difference between perfect sugar work and a burnt pot is seconds apart (speaking from experience). If worst come to worst, do not try to clean it immediately. Soak it in water or else you will be tempted to throw your kitchen wear away.

Please listen – this is extremely important: this is not about you, this about the people you will inspire. When you want to do sugar work for any purposes (modeling sugar, making webs for a cake, a caramel – anything) DO NOT stir the pot. If you do this, the sugar will crystallize and ruin it all. At this point, throw it away and start over.

According to a short and sweet article in Cooking Lightabout cooking caramel, the problem is that sugar behaves differently from other foods when it’s cooked. instead of absorbing heat from the pan like most ingredients do as they cook, sugar actually generates its own heat as it breaks down and causes the temperature to rise fast.

4 Paper beats … Appel ?

Print your recipes or invest in good cookbooks. You are bound to spill – no one is safe from the spill. And your tablet should not suffer because of your laziness. Cookbooks are like diamonds, used to show off, but more importantly last forever. My collection this far includes, in the correct timeline, of course, Mickey se kookboek, die jong kok, kook ‘n storm los, Jamie’s Comfort Food, The Sweet Life, Ons cookbook, Unknown (an old cookbook covered in wallpaper, but printed in 1953).

5.Don’t be rigid.

It is cooking, not open heart surgery. If you make a mistake, add too much, too little, messed on the floor, the cat licked the lemon… no one will care if they don’t know about it. Cooking is there to be enjoyed, not feared. Have fun.


6. MIA Ingredients

Don’t let a missing ingredient spoil your meal. Google was invented for this, you can substitute anything nowadays. My favorite thus far is Avocado, a great replacement for a part flour in cakes.


7. Explore

The Kitchen is like university – there to experiment. Try your own thing, spice it up, do what you feel in your bones will taste great. Maybe people don’t like it, or maybe it is the first entry of a recipe book.


8. Be lazy and watch TV

If you need inspiration, watch cooking shows. It will get you fired up with ideas. If that lady with crocs can do it, so can anyone – and who is not a fan of Mary Betty ?


9. Stay Calm

You won’t always succeed the first time – accept it, Rome was not built in a day.


10. Treat  Yo  Self

Don’t be afraid to cook for yourself. There is no reason not to treat yourself, one should not only make nice food for others.



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