Beachwear Styles

Well, summer is here and we are fleeing to the beach, as one does in these desperate times of heat. With any outfit, a lot of thought is put into a swimwear and should reflect your style completely. Here is a guide for identifying beach goers based on their outfit (no, this is not judging, this is science). Also included is a catalog of fantastic swimwear and where to find them.

The Minimalist
With classic pieces, the minimalist strides the beach with simple yet striking pieces with the beauty lying in the simplicity of her chosen outfit. At the beach, she can be found reading the newest copy of a translated French book.

Find Here – 12345678910

This person is actually still living in 1970, with flower power and a peaceful aura, they can be found sitting peacefully on the beach trying to convince everyone that bell bottoms will eventually come back in style.

Find Here – 12345,  678910

Whether this girl just came back from an island vacation, nobody knows. She has an earthy-inspired costume and always on trend. This girl is always more tanned than you and her personality is just as vibrant as her outfit.

Find Here – 12, 3,  45, 6,  78, 9,  10

To Cool
Still recovering from last night’s amazing garage concert, even the rocker will be at the beach. With a fringe and band t-shirt as cover up, she will be found listening to Alt-J while soaking up the sun.

Find Here – 12345678910

Just like the retro girl, this girl will live herself in as if at a Woodstock festival. With very earthy vibes she will showcase her choice of swimwear as art, she can later be found at a bonfire gathering where there is bound to be a ukulele.

Find Here – 123456789101112

This girl has a sense of innocence, she dresses in light colors and flowery patterns. If she does not already have a s.o., a summer crush is destined to spring up. With a sweet as honey personality, she can be found tanning or flower picking.

Find Here – 12345678910

Playing bat and ball (and actually hitting the ball), on her way to go surf or coming to swim after a jog along the beach – the athlete will be there. With her toned muscles (making us sports muggels feel inferior), she is seen in practical and trendy swimwear. Hard to spot because she is always moving, this girl is always ready for a swim (or marathon).

Find Here – 1, 23,  456, 78910

Enjoy the Beach and stay clear from blue bottles – they are particularly unfriendly.


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