Birthday Celebrations & Tuk Tuk Adventures

In light of exams drawing to an end, we decided to make a day out of a friend of ours’ nineteenth birthday. Despite nineteen being awkward and Mondays generally being terrible, we had a lovely day filled with excitement and carbs.

Stellenbosch was recently introduced to a new way of travelling: The Tuk Tuk. An adorable little three-wheeled car, much resembling an ice cream truck, the Tuk Tuk offers unlimited rides for the humble price of R10 per day per person. (Image via Tuk Tuk Stellenbosch.)
We started our day with a picnic at the Jan Marais Nature Reserve in Stellenbosch. Armed with snacks and Carla’s extra bed sheet to serve as picnic blanket, we toasted Chanelle’s birthday while being surrounded by a couple of tortoises and guinea fowls who were very much interested in joining in the celebrations.

 Granted, the process of getting to our picnic destination was an event of its own, considering that the Tuk Tuk drives about as fast as I am capable of running… and I don’t run. Saying that it took us a little longer than planned just to get to the other side of town, would be putting it lightly. Regardless, the slow and somewhat bumpy ride was an adrenaline rush from start to finish. Wild. Action filled. Mission impossible.

Our next stop was brunch at Showroom, located in Bird Street.
 Despite accidentally injecting the birthday cupcakes with champagne, being viciously attacked by a rogue pigeon and suffering from uncontrollable hiccups, we had the most beautiful day.
If you find yourself in the Stellenbosch area, do yourself a favor and experience the jealous stares from everyone around you who are driving in their boring cars while you are being free and cool from inside your personal Tuk Tuk.
“They hate us ‘cuz they ain’t us.” – Carla de Beer
 Happy birthday, Chanelle.

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