90’s Inspired Summer Items: Our Top 10 Picks

The 90’s are some of the most important years in terms of style and beauty. (Considering the fact that I was a full-grown toddler by the time the 2000’s hit us, I think we can all agree on the fact that I am more than qualified to be making statements such as these.)

Okay. Maybe not the most important, but certainly unforgettable. For example: 50 years from now, I just don’t see teenagers crying about the days of swag pants and cargo shorts the way I am longing for Monica Geller’s mom jeans (cue the Friends-references) and Cher Horowitz’s… well, entire computerized wardrobe.

Luckily for us, the 90’s and early 2000’s are making a comeback with some of its signature fashion items, making it much more accessible to find it in stores. Sure, clothes won’t necessarily make you happy or change your life, but it’s a lot easier to be sad and stressed (pointing fingers at exams) in a slip dress and leather jacket with your hair thrown up in a scrunchie to keep it from hanging in your face and ruining your masterly-applied berry lipstick.

So with summer upon us, here are some of my favorite items inspired by my favorite era, accompanied with links to online stores at which it can be purchased:


The choker-trend has definitely made its return. This is something small and easily overlooked, but once you start looking out for it, you will notice how often it can be seen in movies and shows from the 90’s, like in Clueless (1995).


Get it here


Crop tops

Bianca wearing a crop top and pairing it with a top knot (while casually rummaging through her sister’s underwear drawer) in one of the most iconic movies of the 90’s, 10 Things I hate about you.


Get it here

Slip dresses

The easiest, laziest dress that still makes it seem like you made an effort. Thanks for making it famous, Kate Moss.


Get it here

Berry lipstick

Not aimed at summer specifically – just life in general.


Get it here


Bomber jackets

You can’t not look cool while wearing a bomber jacket. (Image via Filthy Dripped.)


Get it here



Granted, one pieces can be a little annoying when it comes to putting it on, but you can withstand some suffering to look this good. Long or short or trousers or skirt – there is no wrong way to wear overalls.


Get it here

High-cut swimwear

As a rule, there really are no rules when it comes to swimwear. The practical voice in my mind is telling me to just get whatever will cause least awkward tan lines. But apart from that – these high cut swimsuits will make it look as though you just stepped out of time machine from the 90’s. (Image via The Cosmopolitan.)


Get it here


One word: COMFORTABLE. (Image via Sandals Sale.)


Get it here

Classic t-shirts

This is the perfect lazy-day addition to your wardrobe the summer. Pair it with literally absolutely anything to achieve a hella fly chill look. (Excuse me? What? Please, I have no idea why you would think I googled appropriate slang phrases from the 90’s to use in 2016. As if.)


Get it here

High waist skirts

You will never regret buying one of these since it can be adapted for any season of the year. The high waist skirt is currently trending in variations of denim, but you will look fit for a 90’s movie poster in any print and color you can lay your hands on.


Get it here




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