Beetroot and Chocolate Cupcakes

This is an very easy cupcake recipe for chocolate cupcakes with beetroot, allowing you to indulge in sinful, chocolate pleasures, with the health benefit of a vitamin A boost.

Bakes for 19 Mins @ 180ºC
For the cupcakes ( Makes 24 ) –

2 cups of sugar
245g flour
90g Cocoa powder
7.5ml Baking powder
7.5 ml Baking Soda
5ml salt
2 eggs
1 cup Milk
125ml Oil
200ml cup Boiling water.
Leftover, cooked Beetroot ( about 250g, but it can differ )

Crush the cooked beetroot to a pulp.( If you have a food processor you are lucky – use it, I made mine to a pate, by putting it in the mixer alone and then putting it in a plastic bag, knotting it closed and rolling over it with a rolling pin) – Be cautious however you do it, beetroot juices stains. You can decide how fine you want your beets to be, but rolling them with a pin was my final attempt – it was like a pulp, but not fine enough to go through a sieve.

Put your pulp through a sieve to get some of the juices out and keep aside.
Mix all the ingredients except the boiling water and the beet juice. ( by hand or blender )
When it is thoroughly mixed through add the water ( at this point the batter is very drippy ). Pour in cupcake papers and bake at 180ºC ( 356ºF ) for 19 Minutes ( it will still be very moist, but not soggy.

Use the beet juice to color your icing for a natural pink . ( I recommend a egg based Icing – 7 minuet Icing )


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