7 Minute Icing

There are a lot of 7 minute icing recipes out there, but this is tried and tested – if you get it right, it is amazing.

Enough for 1 cake or 24 cupcakes
You shall need:
1.5 > cups of Fine, Caster Sugar
0.25ml Cream of tartar
pinch of salt
2 egg whites
1/3 Cup of water

Beat the egg whites until it foams and forms stiff peaks.
Gently add the sugar, cream of tartar vanilla and salt. By Now your mixture should still be nice stiff and smooth, after mixed through add the boiling water and beat for a further 7 minutes ( or until you are satisfied with the consistency )

(However, if this fails – what usually happens to me is that the mixture falls flat after adding the sugar – don’t fear: Fixing 7 minuet icing.)


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