Beachwear Styles

Well, summer is here and we are fleeing to the beach, as one does in these desperate times of heat. With any outfit, a lot of thought is put into a swimwear and should reflect your style completely. Here is a guide for identifying beach goers based on their outfit (no, this is not judging, this is science). Also included is a catalog of fantastic swimwear and where to find them. Continue reading “Beachwear Styles”

Life After Hogwarts: A Look Inside (by Rita Skeeter, probably)

After defeating Voldemort and saving the wizarding world from death and despair, Harry decides it is time for a change of scenery and applies for medical school. However, he drops out after one year to spend more time with Ginny and the twelve dogs they adopted. Continue reading “Life After Hogwarts: A Look Inside (by Rita Skeeter, probably)”

Birthday Celebrations & Tuk Tuk Adventures

In light of exams drawing to an end, we decided to make a day out of a friend of ours’ nineteenth birthday. Despite nineteen being awkward and Mondays generally being terrible, we had a lovely day filled with excitement and carbs.

Continue reading “Birthday Celebrations & Tuk Tuk Adventures”