Staying creatively inspired: Photography

Dylan and Sara

Photographers Dylan Howell and Sara Byrne share a photography style that speaks of the earth, adventure and authentic living. Their website features their portfolio for wedding photography as well as portraits and personal photos.

Let their beautiful images inspire you:



A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess, owned by sisters Elsie and Emma, is a general, creative lifestyle blog started in 2007. ABM has an incredible team who ensure more than one post per day, ranging from style and beauty to DIY and interior to food and photography. You will find this to be an endless source of inspiration for, well, basically anything.
Online photography classes are for sale on the blog, as well as their self-developed actions for Photoshop.

Take a look at their Photography Tips:



Josie Gailey

Young South African blogger and YouTuber, Josie Gailey, is definitely someone worth keeping up with right now. Currently doing an internship at an advertising agency in Cape Town, her creative talent in photography, film making and art is reflected in her Instagram account, @josieeposie, @josiegailey, WordPress-blog and YouTube-channel.

Check her out:

Christine Meintjies

Lifestyle and wedding photographer, Christine Meintjies, is also the founder of the well-known wedding blog, The Pretty Blog. She is highly experienced and frequently teach classes in photography. She has also developed her photo-editing actions, which can be purchased on her website. Light colour tones and natural light is visible throughout her photography, giving the images an earthy, dream-like feel.

Don’t forget to take a look at The Pretty Blog as well.



Please note: All images used in this post has been obtained from relevant websites with links provided.




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